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Garage Door Service

Garage Door Service from the professional technicians at MDI

At MDI, we are specialists in garage door service and garage door openers in the Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, and Gold Cost. We have a long history in the sales, installation, maintenance, and Garage Door Repairs of complete garage door systems of all makes, we have acquired a solid reputation in the regions for 40 plus years.

Our technicians will respond quickly to your maintenance, adjustment, and repair needs for your garage door. They know how to solve problems efficiently and professionally. To obtain maximum operation from your garage door, we offer you an annual maintenance program, which we have set up and implement. This program will not only give you peace of mind but above all, will prevent you from unpleasant surprises. Don’t wait until you end up with your car stuck in your garage because the door won’t open. To save yourself time, hassle and money, call on for a garage door service.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? – We offer the solution!

Is your garage door …

  • heavy to lift?
  • closing badly?
  • stoping before reaching the doorstep?
  • not reversing with the mechanical or photoelectric reversing mechanism?

Is your electric door opener

  • not working well?
  • making a disturbing noise?
  • opening or closing on its own?

If so, contact us at MDI! We will solve your problems quickly and with a focus on quality and safety.

Here are other problems that we fix:

  • Broken or loose springs
  • Broken or frayed cables
  • Bent or broken casters
  • Crooked rails
  • Door sections damaged as a result of an accident
  • Adjustment or replacement of components
  • Noisy garage doors

Whatever your request, we make sure that your garage door finds its optimal functionality!

WHY choose MDI?

  • We provide 24/7 emergency service.
  • We are a certified Garage Experts distributor, which attests to our highest level of professionalism.
  • We are qualified and trained installers and technicians.
  • We hold the necessary permits.
  • We know our products inside out and give the best advice.
  • We are courteous, quick, and thorough.
  • We cover the residentialcommercialindustrial, and agricultural sectors.
  • We serve the area of Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, and Gold Cost.
  • We are quickly reachable online for making an appointment.

We repair all brands of garage door openers and doors, and replace all parts and accessories:

Garage door brands

  •  Mooring
  •  Barilmax
  •  Cedomatec
  •  Clopay
  •  Garaga

Garage Door Opener Brands

  •  Chamberlain
  •  Genie
  •  Liftmaster
  •  Linear

What you need to know about residential garage door openers

There is no secret to keeping your garage door running smoothly, safely, and for many years to come. You must choose the door that is be made from the best materials available, as supplied at MDI Garage Doors. Your door should also be installed by qualified technicians and inspected regularly. It is as important to maintain your garage door regularly as you do with your car.

The garage door is certainly the biggest moving part of your home. It is also increasingly the most used front door to your home. This is why you must follow the maintenance instructions for your new garage door. At MDI, we offer you an annual maintenance program for your garage door service, which will give you peace of mind.

Our maintenance program for your residential garage door includes ten checkpoints:

  1. Lubrication and adjustment of casters and hinges
  2. Lubricate torsion springs and end and center brackets
  3. Adjustment and balancing of torsion or extension springs
  4. Adjustment of set screws, drums, springs, and center couplings, and their anchor screws
  5. Adjusting the tension of the lifting cables
  6. Adjustment of the guide rails (alignment and attachment to the wall)
  7. Checking and lubricating the weather stripping on the outer frame and the bottom of the door
  8. Adjustment and lubrication of the motorized parts of the electric door opener, including the trolley conveyor
  9. Adjustment of all closing interruption safety systems (mechanical and/or photoelectric)
  10. Verification of the correct operation of the electric door opener accessories, if applicable (wall control, remote transmitter and its battery, external keypad and its battery, mechanical and photoelectric reversal system)

What you need to know about commercial garage door openers

No one knows commercial garage doors better than MDI! Our range of services does not exclude any type of building, whether it is a fire station, an automobile mechanic centre, a distribution center, or a restaurant. The robustness of the materials used in garage doors offers durability and efficiency to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

It is not the expertise that is lacking at MDI. Our many years of experience in installing doors prove it. With us, you can’t go wrong! This maintenance should be done before winter or every 18 months. It’s a bit the same principle as with the winter maintenance of your car.

For your safety, you should avoid making changes to your garage door yourself. The professionals at MDI, are competent and our knowledge in this area can help you. We are at your service and will come to do a complete inspection of your garage door system. Call us at (02) 9698 7533 or (07) 3849 6444 and together we will plan a maintenance program specific to your garage door service.

Garage Door Service FAQs

How do I know if my residential garage door is properly balanced?

If you have an electric garage door opener, disable the system by pulling the red cord attached to the opener cart. You should be able to lift your door without any difficulty with just one hand, regardless of its size or the material used.

A properly balanced door will weigh approximately 8 to 12 pounds (3.5 to 5.5 kg). If it seems a lot heavier to you, it’s because your spring system no longer does the counter-balancing job. Call a qualified installer.

What are the different kinds of garage door hinges?

The hinges are available in different formats, sizes, and thicknesses ( gauge ) depending on the size of the garage door and whether it has windows or all-glazed panoramic sections. Hinges are usually identified (stamped) by numbers (1 to 10) to indicate their installation position on the g garage door service.

What should I buy: an insulated garage door or not?

This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask us when deciding to buy a new garage door. To help you answer them, here are some factors to consider that will guide you through your buying process.

Why are you using your garage?

  1. Attached or detached from the house?
    • If your garage is attached to the house and is insulated, it is best to have an insulated door with a thermal resistance factor of at least R ‑ 12.
  2. Is your garage insulated or not at all?
    • If it is insulated, choose a door with an R-factor of at least R ‑ 12. If it is not, a poorly insulated door (eg R ‑ 6) may be sufficient.
  3. Park your car (in winter) or storage place?
    • If you are looking for a minimum of comfort, ask for an insulated garage door of at least R ‑ 12.
  4. Extension of your home (DIY room, gym, playroom)?
    • The more your garage is used for family activities, the more your garage door must be well insulated. Ask for a door with a factor of at least R-16.

MDI uses quality product manufactured by Liftmaster Electronics Pty Ltd including “Magic Button” electronic controls, printed circuit boards, high usage swing and slide gate motors, barrier gates, sectional overhead  garage door service and Automatic Gate Motors

The MDI Service department are ready and waiting for your call, Book a Garage Door  Repairs Service today to arrange your next service at you home or commercial residence.

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