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Garage Door Remotes - Automatic Gate Remotes - Replacement Remotes


Magic Button, Liftmaster, Elsema, Merlin, Gliderol, B&D, ATA and more.
Chances are we still sell the old style remote, or can convert your existing operator to a new remote.

Just ask for spare parts.

Our remote controls have Advanced Code Authentication In addition to transmitting your unique access code, our transmitter also sends an authentication code to verify that the transmitter being used is in fact an authorised and valid MDI remote.

If you need a new or replacement Remote, MDI can help you. We have Garage Door Remotes, Roller Door Remotes, Automatic Swing Door Remotes, Automatic Sliding Door Remotes and more.

Magic Door Industries know that the garage door is the most frequently used access point to your home and for that reason we suggest the MDI remotes for the protectionion of family and loved ones.

Call us now if you need a replacement remote for your garage or gate, our spare parts department is ready to guide you on the best remotes for your application.

Other names used for remote controls are garage door clickers, gate clickers, door buzzers and gate buzzers, what ever you call them, we can help you

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