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Domestic Automatic Swing Gates with Gate Remotes

MDI Specialise in domestic swing gates systems, and project manage the job from start to finish if required.

We work with you to design the right solution that suits your environment & your budget.

We also talk to you about other devices on site.

This will ensure that your investment is compatible for any future needs.
Magic Door Industries being a Licenced Electrical Contractor can also provide all electrical if required.

Swing Gate Motors




The Magic Button performance range of swing gate motors are designed to provide the most simple and cost effective solution for domestic, commercial swing gates.

Power Range

Magic Button@ performance swing gate motors have a torque power range of 280N & 3000N with grease lubrication. This range enables the correct match of motor to the site requirements and application of the swing gate.

Australian Logic Controls

Magic Button@ logic control units with on board software, are developed, designed, programmed and assembled by Liftmaster in Australia for Australian conditions. With an Australian approved 240V124V on board transformer and high and low voltage fuses with varistor and optic coupling the logic board is designed to cope with Australia's variable and often.over voltage primary supply.

Australian Radio Receiver and Hand Transmitter

The Magic Button@ receiver and hand transmitter have
also been developed, designed and programmed in
Australia for Australian conditions. The four button
transmitter has a modern and robust design. lt features a water resistant inner membrane to protect the electronic circuit board. The Magic Button@ is available in "designer" white with silver surround coupled with a key ring lanyard. It makes a striking addition to any key ring.

Installation Simplicity

For standard installations the Magic Button logic control unit is conveniently housed in a separate water proof box. The logics are designed to provide all possible parameters to allow a common logic control board to be used across the domestic, industrial and commercial market.


The Liftmaster swing gate motors have a 24 month warranty (subject to terms and conditions).

Easy Set Up

Provided with a fully scripted LCD display, mode and parameter selection is simple and intuitive and the mode of equipment operation can be altered without the expense of a new logic control.


Secure Locking & Simple Disconnect

The motor and gear unit cannot be reversed under normal circumstances and a keyed locking device is provided to disconnect the system under powerfailure situations.

Motor Travel Limits

To ensure long product life, mechanical limits are used. The motors limits are located under the motor cover. lt is still advised as with all Liftmaster swing gates to have ground stops fitted in the open and the closed position.


Once installed Liftmaster photo electric protection will provide primary safety. More sophisticated safety devices such as light curtains, vehicle detection and inductive safety edge protection are available if required after OH&S assessment.

Hydraulic Swing Gate Motors



Choosing the right motor is easy with the MDI range of hydraulic operators. The three models to choose from include the 402, 422 and 400. Refer to Table 1. to select the right motor for your gate specifications and usage.


Superior quality, clever design, and precision engineering ensure the MDI hydraulic openers perform at the highest level. Quality materials are used for enhanced resistance to atmospheric agents, while a motor oil bath provides quiet and smooth operation. Precision movement and reliability make this range stand out from the rest.


Two super-sensitive by-pass valves ensure that Magic Door Industries hydraulic range offers maximum anti-crushing safety. MDI recommends the use of photo-electrics on all gate installations.

Hydraulic Swing Gate Motors


Each model has a special release key making them easy to manually operate in an emergency.


Radio Control, Photo Electrics, Intercoms, Card Access Controls, Key Switches, Push Button, Wireless Keypad, Gate Locks.


MDI design and manufacture their own Logic controls to suit and comply with local power sources and regulations. Features include leaf delay, pedestrian opening, electric lock output with shunt, at least 3 logic functions and safety device inputs. The Magic Button Key ring remote, with over 4 billion codes, helps make your arrival home easy, safe and secure.

Our Swing Gates

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