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Automatic Sliding Gates

Sliding Big Gates

At Magic Door Industries our products are fit for purpose according to our (ISO9001) standard.

We stand for quality and durability. Our clients trust Magic Door Industries to deliver strength and durability. This is why our commercial gate systems stand out among the competition.
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The MDI FS10 slide gate motor offering countless cycles of trouble free operations. All steel construction in 5mm galvanised steel Chassis and a stainless steel cover offer the highest standards available. pecification options include selectable start, run and stop speeds to 800mm / second or a 196KG start force with a 326KG lock force, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and logic interfaces for integration into the particular building's fire alarm control.

Featuring a brake motor with a selectable gearbox configuration and inverter control the units provide unlimited performance flexibility and a capacity to provide a solution for every conceivable sliding gate application.

Magic Button Fast Slider

Automatic Commercial Sliding Gates


The Magic Button Fast Slider is built for intensive and reliable operation with optional increased speed of gate operation. It is suitable for all cantilever and bottom track gates with adequate gate stops which have been appropriately engineered for the application.


A worm gear reduction gearbox is mounted on a 4mm thick hot dipped galvanised mounting plate which provides 4 x 13mm x 50mm slots for easy installation. An elevated mounting plate provides an installation platform for the logic control and safety accessories. Motor disengagement from the gate, for manual operation, is by way of a simple lever. Speed deceleration control is managed by dedicated limits

coupled with appropriate selectable inverter settings. Gates over 11 metres require external limits. The entire unit is covered by a stainless steel enclosure.

Motor and Gearbox

The inverter driven 0.55Kw motor has an electric brake and is constructed to withstand harsh conditions. To suit the application, a selection of two gearboxes are offered, with other ratios available upon request. Conveniently only 10 amp 240V power is required


Depending upon the application, mass and engineering of the gate, a gate speed of up to 800mm per second is achievable. The gate speed can be variable for both opening and closing.

Logic Control

The operational sequencing of the motor is achieved by the exclusive Magic Button MB106 or MB206 control board. Depending upon trigger and safety accessories the motor can be selected to be operated in fully automatic mode or by manual operation for open, close and stop. A partial opening of the gate width to suit an individual application outside of the normal full operational gate width is also achievable. In the case of a 240V power interruption an appropriate uninterrupted power supply unit is available. Building management systems, time clocks, fire alarms, access control, lighting, CCTV recording and other interface devices can all be incorporated by the Magic Button logic control.


A sensitive inbuilt adjustable clutch offers an excellent last resort anti crushing device. However, then installation of appropriate safety devices applicable for the situation is mandatory. A power isolation switch for maintenance is provided.


Photo electric beams, Vehicle Detectors, Safety edge profile, Emergency stop controls, Flashing lights, Traffic lights, Radio & access control

Magic Button 844

Commercial Sliding Gate Motors

Commercial Automatic Sliding Gates Motors


The Magic Button 844 operator has been designed to provide the simplest, most cost effective solution for moving heavy gates on commercial and industrial sites (ie Chemical plants, fuel & transport depots and home units).

Economical Instation

The electronic equipment is conveniently housed under the motor cover to make installation easier and faster.

Secure Locking

The installation of an electric lock is necessary as the motor and gear unit cannot be reversed. The release device is locked and allows simple disconnection by way of a key in the event of a power failure.


The Magic Button7 MB106 logic control board designed and made by Liftmaster in Australia features six different operating modes. From simple operation through to high security functions. Outputs for safety devices, clock timers and all types of access control equipment are standard.


Constant lubrication of the mechanical components, which are all mounted in an oil bath and assembled in a single high-strength die-cast aluminium casing, ensures a very long service life.

Advanced Research

Continuous technological development building on thirty years leadership is your guarantee of an unsurpassed product.


Photo electrics beams, Emergency stop controls, Vehicle detectors, Traffic lights, Flashing lights, Safety edge profile, Radio & access control.

Our Commercial Sliding Gates

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