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Automatic Boom Gates & Barrier Gates

Automatic Boom Gates
Cable Barrier Gates

Automatic Boom Gates

The ultimate barrier gates offering countless cycles of trouble free operations.
All 3mm aluminium cabinet construction offer the highest standards available.
Specification options include PLC's, inverter selectable control of start, run and stop speeds, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and logic interfaces for integration into the particular building's fire alarm control.
The internal gear reducer provides positive locking.
The units featuring selectable motor and gearbox configurations for boom arms to 6 metres, extremely robust motor, limits, and cams. Without doubt the units provide unlimited performance flexibility and a capacity to provide a solution for every conceivable barrier gate application.

Cable Gates

The Cable Gate offers an ideal alternative solution to a barrier gate. This product, winner of the Engineers Excellence Award for 2004, is a quality product on which you can depend. Built to last the unit features strong compact mechanical components and permanent lubrication suitable for all commercial, industrial, retail centres, hospital, caravan park, unit complexes, strata plan developments and offices. The Cable Gate is operated by rechargeable batteries that are connected to either a mains power supply or solar panels. The batteries offer operation in the event of a

power failure. The Cable gate can secure entrances from 4 to 8 metres without the need for additional headroom required by a barrier gate. A stainless steel cable is securely locked between two steel posts, that are zinc plated and powder coated, and provides an opening time of a 0.5 seconds and closing in 7 seconds. A heavy duty 24VDC motor draws the cable up and locks it securely over a stainless steel latch.

Model 906 Barrier Gate

Designed for high volume access control

Unique torque motor application with locking features

Free exit on power failures

Left or right hand options

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gates Overview

Magic Button 906 Barrier Gates are designed specifically for high volume traffic solutions and incorporate a unique torque motor designed to operate at a 100% duty cycle. The combination of the motor and sinusoidal linkage system results in a very reliable and simple traffic barrier, with minimal maintenance. The linkage system enables the motor to be locked in both the up and down positions, however, in the event of a power failure the boom will automatically open to a vertical position. Because the barrier is designed for high volume traffic situations, it is eminently suited to operating in lower volume applications with the advantage of already capable of coping with growth in traffic volume.


Using the Magic Button MB106 torque drive control board (part# 500139) allows all

potential requirements for control and exclusive safety functions. Hold up after power reset, Dedicated parking software, Inputs for access control devices, Inputs for Safety devices (loop detector, PE etc.), Inputs for free exit, Auto-close timer, Auto-close from safety device input (with back-up timer in case of vehicle backs out), Automatic or manual operation (open-stop-close buttons), Resettable and non-resettable counter, Output to support flashing light.

Barrier Gate Series 930

Austral ian Made

High Speed 1.5 Seconds

Aluminium Construction

High Duty Cycle - 1800 cars per hour)

930 Barrier Gate

Gate Housing

The Series 930 Barrier Gate housing is constructed of 3mm powder coated aluminium. All seams are welded and the interior framing is a 5mm aluminium welded angle. The reinforced door provides added strength to the cabinet, has 6 louvres for ventilation and is secured by a vandal resistant nush mounted keyed lock. The standard colour is powder coated white with other colours available upon request. The gate housing door is mounted to the rear of the cabinet to enable servicing of the unit away from the vehicle path, allowing easy access and safety. For limited rear space situations the door can be mounted to the front of the cabinet

Motor Drive

The gate arm is driven by a 1/3 H P heavy duty, high output torque, 240v single phase, instant reverse motor with a duty cycle exceeding 800 operations per hour. The motor is connected by two V belts to a heavy duty single reduction gear box. The gear box transmits power to the gate arm drive shaft through a harmonic acting crank and connecting rod with adjustable limit switches and cams regulating the gate arm travel. The crank, connecting rod and mainshaft are manufactured of heavy duty rolled steel plated, to deter rust and corrosion, supported by heavy
duty bearing blocks. The limit switches and regulating cams eliminate the need for mechanical stops and braking devices.

Gate Arm

The arm is available in 3 or 4 metres lengths and is constructed of aluminium. (Max. weight 0.8 kg per metre) The arm is constructed of 1.6mm x 60mm round aluminium, powder coated (standard white) with renective film. The arm is equipped with an internal sleeve to ensure a clean break and easy reinstallation if the arm is heavily hit. The arm can be mounted on either a left or right hand mount. This allows for best positioning in difficult situations and correct alignment of dual gates.


Additional speed options include a high speed Tollway Barrier of 0.8 seconds and a slow speed Low Traffic barrier of 5.0 seconds.


MDI offers a wide range of control equipment from simple mechanical reversing switches to MDI logic parking controls and PLC. The easily accessible control mounting plate fits a variety of devices including vehicle detectors required for one or two way lanes. Operation with ticket dispensers, card access. token/coin acceptors. radio control with this panel.


Barrier arm alarm to monitor
breakages or removal, Hold down magnets, Pendulum support, Safety edge, Folding gate arm (optional) for
restricted headroom installations, Signage warning signs and stop signs, Vehicle detectors, Photo clectrics

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